Your Feet Size Has No Relevance To Your Penis

Human's imagination knows no bounds. Truly, and you too might believe so. But if you don't, then for sure you haven't come across one of their theories that a man's feet size has relevance with his penis size.

Pretty imaginable, right, or probably those people might have been specially architected by the nature so as to set some special examples or to support such theories. Anyways, there are numerous attestations, in the form of several studies and researches, which may completely flush out all such misconceptions.

More than a total of 100 men were well analyzed for their penis sizes, and soon the great researchers at London University College concluded that such a theory is absolutely unscientific. Yes, of course, there can be such coincidences, but those aren't so general or necessary. They revealed it very clearly that no evidence can make a man's feet size relevant to his penis'.

Again, to analyze the validity of the theory, Dr. Jyoti Shah and her colleagues at London Urology Clinic and St Mary's Hospital of London examined a total of 104 men. For long they had been suggested that diversified body parts of men like their hands, nose and most primarily feet could give an idea about their penis sizes. So in this study they decided to measure the sizes of men of different age groups including the teenagers and pensioners, with the average age of 54.

Although they already knew it very well that the true size of one's penis can only be measured most precisely, in the erected state. But they firmly believed that even a soft but gently stretched penis can furnish them with a precise indication of the penis length. So two urologists measured all the lengths, and recorded them, along with the shoe size and the age of the individuals.

Finally the researchers came up with the conclusion that the average size of penis in soft but stretched state was 13 cm. In their scale the lower end of this figure was at 6 cm and the higher end was at 18 cm. Besides, the average of the British shoe size measured to 9 that were 43 in European measurements.

So, the data were ready and it was the time to examine the possibility of any relevance among the shoe and the penis sizes. As quite expected was the result that made it very clear that there is no correlation between the two sizes.

Ultimately the researchers revealed that their findings dispel any such theory that decides a man's penis size by assessing his shoe size, and such relevance is nothing but a common misconception.

Such studies and researches are not merely restricted to London, or to any other specific part of the world. Numerous more of those have already been carried out by many agile researchers. However, most of them have concluded the same that there is no such relevance among any body part size and the penis size of a man.

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