Usual Curiosities Concerned With Penis Size

Usually men are concerned about their organ's size, only because they doubt whether their small tool would be able to please their women or not. Although statistics depict that a very great percentage of women, almost eighty five percent, are contented with the partner's size. But ironically, quite a small percent of men population are satisfied with their size.

So what should have been a point of ‘no concern' has always been the point of ‘whole concern' for men. It's only with this concern of men, that there are few penis-related curiosities.

Firstly, most men remain curious to know whether women care about the size of the penis or not? When one says ‘penis size', there are actually two dimensions to it, the length and the girth. Although, it's completely a very personal and a very specific choice of a particular women about the size, but as per the results of the surveys you can generalize those as an average opinion. As a known fact by now, most women clearly revealed that penis size has no importance for them. Only twenty one percent of women think that the man's penile length is significant, while only thirty two percent women stood for penile girth. So it's quite very clear that on the whole that size doesn't matter, and even if it matters for few women, then girth has more significance for them than the length.

Relevance of penis size with the size of one's feet has also been one of the most sought after issues. The urologists of London probably thought of revealing the fact of this context to everyone. So they chose one hundred and four men, free from any penile abnormalities, and very precisely measured their stretched penises and recorded their shoe sizes. Ultimately, as per the observations and analysis, they made it very clear that there are no significant statistical correlations between these two variables.

To reveal the secret about which aspect of a man's penis is more important for a woman, girth or length, a survey was carried out, the results of which were published in the paper of BMC Women's Health, Surprisingly, almost ninety percent of those women revealed that a penis thickness can more significantly elicit their pleasure. This result goes as per the science of a woman's build up. Highly sensitive nerve endings at clitoris are found in the one third depth of their vagina. So here comes the relevance that even a small penis can well associate with these sensitive nerve endings, and if it's girth is more it's like a bonus that can well excite her.

So since most women have no issue with the partner's size, so it's advisable that men should flush out those insignificant concerns about enhancing their size. Moreover, it's also an undeniable fact that any penis size can well facilitate a man to easily reach the most sensitive clitoris of women. Besides, there has never been any relevance of your feet size with the size of your penis.

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