Those Might Make Your Penis Appear Smaller

Those Might Make Your Penis Appear Smaller

Relying on the data of the numerous researches and studies, you might get an idea that the average size of a penis is nearly 3.5 inches in the flaccid state, and it can measure up-to five to six inches through erection. The flaccid state size might or might not bear any relevance with the erected state size. Besides, every concluder adds up the P.S. with the average size data, that there can be considerable variations in one's size from the average, and of course that doesn't imply any health or penile issue.

Anyways, studies and their conclusions apart, and as usual alike most men all over the world you too consider yourself to be unfairly endowed with a smaller size. No doubt, you already have numerous reasons in your mind to support your so called truth of small endowment (none can weed out those confusions but you). However, do you know that many factors can potentially ‘make your penis smaller'? Also, do you have even a little idea that how harmful can those useless concern for your size, can be for your sex life, and in-fact you overall well being.

“Make your penis smaller', the phrase implies that numerous factors can make your penis appear smaller to great extent than its actual size. Now, here comes your curiosity. Be patient, because it will enhance even more when you will come to know that for most of such factors the culprit is none but solely you.

Abdominal fat is one such reason, for which you have never cared yet and have allowed it to get boosted in its full glory. Besides leading to numerous health issues like diabetes, heart diseases and all, the one that actually matters to you the most right now is that it will contribute greatly to give a smaller appearance to your penis.

Besides, there are also proves to the theory that one's disliking about his body, image, appearances, and most significantly one's low self esteem is closely bound to his penis size. Remember, you are none to loath any of the creations of nature.

‘Underestimating their own size' is also one very usual symptom of size-frustrated men. You need to understand that while looking down at your organ (the angle of glance has a great role to play), it appears foreshortened to you. While when you look at others' (from a different angle), theirs' appear bigger than yours'.

Additionally, the room temperature and other factors like sudden threat, worry, and anxiety too have a considerable impact on shrinking your penis.

Anyways, that was all about the factors, but you also need to know the potential harms you might be doing to your sex life and your overall well being, by being uselessly concerned about your size.

Psychological issues and anxiety due to this concern can affect your potency. Moreover, it can also lead to performance anxiety and hence a poor performance in the bedroom every time. Such unwanted concern can also diminish your overall self confidence, and hence your performance in the normal day to day life too.

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