Size Can Matter Or Not – Depends On You

Size Can Matter Or Not – Depends On You

Unless a woman is sexually aggressive or only if it's her personal preference, she wouldn't fall into the category of those few women who desire a bigger penis. Else, a great majority of women are least bothered about their partner's size. To them the whole package matters, which include the hygienic aspect, and of course more significantly the way you use it or your method.

The way you utilize your penis is much more important than its size. A man of great sexual technique, no matter whatever is his size, will be for sure greatly preferable by a woman over a hugely endowed man but with inefficient techniques. Pleasure to a lady while having sex, is more of mental stimulations, than mere physical participation. So be arousing with the techniques. Even if you have a small endowment, foreplays can be greatly pleasing. Those techniques are nothing but your attempts to switch on her special points of ‘turn-on'. Try new positions, different angles, speeds, and pressure. There is nothing wrong in understating each other bodies well through diversified attempts. Try expressing yourself in distinct ways, and try furnishing her with variations in the experience. It's only these variations that they love, and not any variation in size. It must be your mind controlling your organ, and not your organ taking over your mind.

The most primary issue for you people with small sizes is your confidence level. You feel less desirable, build up the shields of unwanted concerns all around your mind like a pupae is surrounded all around its body. Hence, there you lack your sexual confidence which is quite indispensable for a woman to get turned on.

You just need to be very clear with the undeniable fact that any penis size will for sure excite a woman. The phallus' dimension has no relevance to the pleasure and satisfaction it can furnish to your woman or to you. Neither, it has anything to do with your ability to retain an erection or its firmness. Besides, being adaptive, a vagina can be filled with any size. Also, since the sensory nerves are in close proximity to the vaginal opening so even a small penis can well stimulate those and can take a woman to the extreme ecstasy. It might even seem surprising to you but of course it's true that a bigger penis can make some sexual positions uncomfortable. So it might be clear to you by now that your size has nothing to do with the pleasure and contentment you can furnish her.

However, several reasons provide a firm support to the theory that yes size has a significant role to play, but with a P.S. that only through the minds of both the partners. To understand it clearly, you need to know that a bigger penis tends to visually excite a woman, and heighten the impact of sexual experience. Besides, a smaller penis dominates the performance of a man with a feeling of inadequacy, while a bigger one can make him more confident and a good performer.

So ultimately, it completely depends on you whether you allow your size to matter or not.

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