Most Size Depressed Men Are Normal Sized Penis Owner

Almost every guy, who has ever come across any such ads or promotions that claim to furnish inches to the penis, have always desired and queried for a bigger penis. Isn't it? Don't you remember you too have such a desire since the first time you gazed at those misleading ads? You are always ready to do anything and everything to boost your ‘little warrior'.

But researchers and experts like Michael O'Leary (of Harvard Medical School), clearly deny the effectiveness of any penis enhancement product. Disagreeing to those ‘guaranteed ways', these experts wearily say that if those effective, simple enhancements were possible, then every next man all over the world would be bigger in their size.

However, none can stop most guys from putting efforts for a bigger penis. To add up to their desire and to entice them in all possible ways, there is assuring information everywhere for adding inches. Be it the television ads, the websites, the newspaper columns or any other such corner. But before you really rely on those and put some more fuels to your desire, you need to know few facts.

Studies have well revealed that most of the guys, who consider their penis as small, are well endowed with a normal penis size by the nature. Just look at yours' isn't that between 4 to 6 inches in length, and 4 to 6 inches in girth when erected. Do you know this is the normal or the average erected penis size? No doubt there are variations in the flaccid length. So do you still need to be concerned?

Ok, so now you have measured your size, and the ruler says your size is within the normal range. But still if you insist that you are shorter, then for guys like you the experts suggest a psychiatric diagnosis. Director of Reproductive Surgery and Medicine at Johns Hospital in Baltimore, Karen Elizabeth Boyle, depicts that such people need a psychiatrist rather than a surgeon or an enhancement technique.

Albeit, many guys might wish to go for the enlargement surgeries and risk themselves, but they need to know that no reputable medical organization have yet approved any such surgery for a bigger penis. As per the American Association of Urology, these surgeries are highly unsafe and ineffective. Alike are the data of the European Urology study, as per which out of 42 men who opted for such lengthening surgeries, only 35 percent were contented with the results and almost 50 percent of them stepped for further surgeries.

Again O'Leary shares experiences of the disasters he witnessed, and he had to put enough effort to repair those damages of the augmentation surgeries. Among those risks he includes, infections, scarring, normal erection angle loss, impotence, decrease in sensation, and at times even shortening of penises.

However, in such a context you have numerous more effective and safe options for a bigger penis than risking it forever. Loosing you abdominal fat, avoiding alcohol, smoking etc, practicing daily exercise and meditation can do much good.

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