Which Is Better A Penis Extender Or Penis Pump?

Are you in a dilemma regarding what to choose between a penis extender and a penis pump? Well, you are not alone. Many men are not sure about the type of male enhancement device that can serve them better between a penis extender and a penis pump. Some men also think that any of these devices can be used to improve any form of sexual dysfunction.

A penis extender allows you to enhance yourself by stretching your penis shaft. This device applies the process of penile traction to increase the penis size. When the penis is stretched, the penile shaft experiences an increase in tension which forces the penile cells to split into daughter cells through a process called cell division.

After the cells have split, a new growth and development begin for the daughter cells that are now smaller. Since the daughter cells are many after the process of cell division, any further growth results in an increase in the size of the penis. A penis extender is medically and scientifically proved to result in penile enlargement.

A penis pump, on the other hand, enables you to increase the size of your penis through the application of pressure that causes suction of blood into the penile erectile chambers. When blood is forced into the erectile chambers, it results in erections.

This process when repeated consistently over a longer duration results in a permanent increase in the size of the penis. A penis pump is mostly recommended for those men looking to increase their penis girth. However, it can also be used to increase the length of the penis.

Both penis extender and penis pump aim at achieving the same goal male enhancement. However, they tend to differ in the type of sexual dysfunction they counter. A penis pump can be used to manage erectile dysfunction because of its ability to offer instant erections.

Erectile dysfunction cannot be easily managed through the use of a penis extender device as compared to a penis pump. Therefore, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and looking for a better option, a penis pump is the ideal device to consider.

A penis extender is famed for its ability to treat the issue of penile curvature well. This device stretches the curved penis forcing it to become straight. The straightness caused as a result of pulling stimulates the growth of new cells to fill the microtears that are mostly formed along the inward curve of the penis.

Although a penis pump can also help to treat penile curvature, it is not very effective as compared to a penis extender. Therefore, when looking to treat penile curvature, a penis extender is the better option to consider.

The size of the penis can be measured by either by the length or girth. You may be having a wide penis girth yet you have a short penis. Some men, on the other hand, have a narrow girth yet have a longer penis. If you are looking to increase your penis girth, a penis pump is the better option to choose while when looking to increase the length of your penis, a penis extender would serve you better.

Before making up your mind regarding the device to purchase, you should first understand your major sexual problem. Both penis extender and penis pump are critical for male enhancement and unique in their own ways.

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