It's Not Your Size Rather The Technique That Matters

Although men are so concerned and worried about their size, but the women's perception on this is quite different and satisfactory. This can be a bit surprising for many like you, in view of the fact that it's only the women who have to greatly deal with the size, and it should have been totally their concern for the pleasure. However, then the studies reveal that more than 85 percent of them have no issue with their partner's size, while only 55 percent of the men were contented with their size. So do you still need to be concerned about your size?

In spite of the fact that women are generally considered as complaining elements, surprisingly they don't complain for your size. Now you might be wrong, if you think it as their forgiveness or their kind nature. It has nothing to do with their good nature, but this acceptance is completely owed to their biology.

Only the first third area of her vagina contains all the sensitive nerve endings. Hence, it's the most primary zone that is responsible for the sensations, excitements, and pleasure in the process. Actually any penile size can well reach this closest area, and so you might have realized that she gets highly excited when the wide base of your penis senses this part. It's the same reason for which women highly prefer a penis with more girth, than a longer but thinner penis.

Another biological fact, that is responsible for making the women least complaining, is the vaginal adaptive nature. As per the size of one's penis that is inserted, a vagina can very well adapt to it. So no matter it's a small or a big penis, the vagina will have the exact space for accommodating it comfortably. Besides, a vagina that hasn't had any child is generally 3 to 3.5 inches maximum in length. So there is no reason for a woman to prefer a longer penis over an average size. So even if you are bestowed with a long penis, anything beyond average will be a waste.

Almost everyone's penis is different, with its own characteristics. It's quite not easy to declare an ideal member of those. Besides, when a mere finger can well excite, and bring out all those ecstatic expressions out of your woman, why can't your comparatively bigger penis can do the same, or might be better than that.

Even if all the facts and conclusions are unsuccessful in flushing out the useless size concern from your mind, it will surely have its cons on you. Of course, it won't let you gain anything, except some loss in your confidence and your sexual performance. So practically, gaining a few inches will be of course a big deal, but not gaining your confidence. It's basically all up-to you.

So instead of focusing on your size, the ways to enhance it or to get depressed and losing confidence, it's advisable to work on your skills. Yes, it's actually your method or skill to please her that matters.

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