Penis Enlargement- Is It Really Possible

Often a question arises in 90% of the males that is it really possible to enlarge the penis? This question in one way or the other is obvious as the length of the penis as thought by these males is as per the nature's deed. However the reality is that the length can be actually increased with the help of very simple aid called as vacuum erection devices.

A vacuum erection device comprises of a cylinder and a pressure gauge. So the device can be purchased as a whole or the cylinder and the pressure gauge can be purchased separately. Make sure that if you are not purchasing the readymade device and going for a cylinder and a pressure gauge separately then, the size of the cylinder should adjust to your penis. In order to impress the manufacturers, do not fool yourself as manufacturers won't be affected by the size of your penis.

Following is the methodology one should follow while using vacuum erection device:-

Clear out

Before you decide to use vacuum pump, make sure that you clear out the public hair around penis base and on scrotum. Clearing the skin will make sure that you do not suffer from any pain while using the device. Also it helps in adjusting the pump in the right way as there would be no obstruction for it to be placed on the skin. Repeat the exercise when you desire to use the pump again.

Preparing Cylinder

Once you are sure that your hairs are short enough and pump is adjusting properly, now is the time to prepare the cylinder. Following are the steps to prepare the cylinder:-

· Apply a lubricant at the bottom on the rim. Glycerine can be used as the lubricant. Also apply it on the inner side of the cylinder

· After the application of lubricant join the female and male couplers of the air tube as well as cylinder

Post Cylinder Preparation

Once the cylinder is prepared following are the steps to be followed:-

· The next step is to apply lubricant on the penis glans. Make sure that one does not apply the lubricant on the testicles this would make the device slippery.

· When inserting the penis in the seal, make sure that the penis is semi erect or erect. You should not worry even if it's not semi- erect. One can still make use of the device and increase the pressure accordingly. Gradually you will see that the erection happens.

· Try and not cum inside the tube. It may be difficult for some but not impossible. The individuals, who have difficulty in controlling, should divert their mind while having their penis inside the cylinder. The more you control yourself, the more benefit that you get out of the device as the quality exposure time increases, letting the maximum benefit reach to the penis. Repeating this activity twice a week can show drastic results in the dimensions of the penis.

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