Penis Enlargement – Is It A Dream Or A Reality

With an increase in the awareness of the science of how to address the sexual desires, the craze for having a large penis is increasing day by day. Considering this fact, many interventions have evolved in the market over a period of time. Following are the various methods to address the process of enlargement of the penis:-


This is the most common and the easiest method available in the market. You can find endless number of pills available in the market or over the internet claiming for penis enlargement with flowery lines. The fact is that although many of these works, but then a major chunk of these are not real ones which actually at the end of the day cause side effects in the body. So one should be extra careful while purchasing such pills and to be on the safer side, should go for a trusted brand.

Vacuum Pump Devices

Vacuum pump is a device that is known for zero side effects. This is because the vacuum pump works on the simple principle of altering the blood flow in the penis with natural process. If used properly, drastic changes can be noticed in a very short span of time. Post device care should be perfect so that the skin of the penis remains healthy

Vacuum pump is basically composed of two components, a pump and a cylinder. Penis is adjusted inside the cylinder and the pump is used to populate the pressure. Although the safest method for penis enlargement, overuse can case blisters, rashes, swelling and pain


Physical activity is the best way to enlarge your penis. This method neither harms the penis in terms of side effects nor in terms of blisters, rashes, swelling and pain


The next alternative for penis enlargement is surgery. The best thing about surgery is that the change lead in penis enlargement is permanent. The various surgery techniques available these days are:-

  • The ligament which is responsible for holding the penis in the right position is cut off. Following the cut, the penis is able to descend properly. Now the penis is exposed to stretching devices and weights over the next couple of months. The erection occurring because of this kind of surgery method will help in the downward erection of the penis with hairy skin.
  • The next kind of surgery is by having fat cells imbibed inside the penis. This process is also called as grafting. One has to be careful while undergoing this kind of surgery as a small mistake can cause clumping of the fat cells and hence making the penis skin loose

The cost of surgery depends on the kind of work done by the doctor. Ideally the price starts from $ 3,000 and goes up to $ 17,000

You have to be sure that the surgery will not result in complete transformation but yes it would improve as compared to the old capacity to erect the penis.

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