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Penis enlargement is the burning topic these days because of the increase in couple satisfaction desire for pleasure. To enable this, men choose out various methods to enlarge the penis, but nowhere is the complete information present. One such method is surgery. Although surgery is the only method which can lead to a permanent increase in the size of the penis but the following mistakes, can ruin away the beauty of the treatment:-

  • Too much expectation from the surgery is not justified. Even surgical procedures have its limitations. Expecting a drastic increase in the size of the penis and at the end of the day, having more than marginal increase but less than the expected increase in the penis' size causes depression. If the feeling of depression over rides the person, all effort put in the surgery goes waste
  • Having feeling of anxiety is equally dangerous for the human body post surgery. After surgery the human body needs to adjust to the new surgical changes but if the human body gets over ridden by anxiety, the advantage of the surgery for penis enlargement cannot be achieved
  • Before going for the surgery, the person should make sure that the sterilization techniques used at the operation place is perfect. If surgery is not proper, infections followed by surgery can happen. This infection can be so severe that it can harm the surrounding skin

If you do not want to go for the surgical procedure then, a temporary method to increase the size of the penis is by making use of vacuum pump. The following schedule should be followed for having the best results:-

  • A session for 10 minutes every day (1st week)
  • A session for 15 minutes every day (2nd week)
  • 2 sessions for 10 minutes every day (3rd week)
  • 2 sessions for 15 minutes every day (4th week)
  • 20 minute session initially followed by 10 minute session every day (5th week)
  • 20 minute session initially followed by 15 minute session every day (6th week)
  • After completing 6 weeks switch over to 2 sessions of 20 minutes every day (7th week)
  • 3 sessions of 20 minutes every day (8th week)

After complying with the above mentioned schedule, any man can easily satisfy her partner with the increased penis size. Although the schedule may look a little long but once you start out with it, you will actually start enjoying the exercise as well as would derive out fun from it.

While carrying out the activity with the vacuum pump device, you should make sure not to over pleasure yourself. Doing so, may initially pleasure you but post pleasure can give many problems. The most commonly seen bad effect is the rashes and redness. It does not end over here. Sometimes swelling and severe pain occurs that may last up to days. So therefore the pressure of the pump should be increased gradually to derive out safe pleasure from the device.

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