Obsession With Penis Size And Penis Enlargement- A Brief Look Into The Past

Obsession With Penis Size And Penis Enlargement- A Brief Look Into The Past

Penis enlargement- In the past and the current scenario

According to Sigmund Freud, who is an Austrian neurologist, penis size obsession in males is due to the fact that it is reckoned as a superior thing in comparison to their counterparts (female). From the beginning of young age, males are very curious in relation to their male resembling parts i.e., their genital parts. They are concerned about the size and the shape of their penis too much. On reaching adulthood, the penis size becomes a symbol of self-esteem and more specifically a symbol of manhood.

There has been a great increase in the number of males going for penis enlargement, the number increasing day by day. However this concept of penis enlargement is not something new. It has been in existence since ages. The desire and want for a firm penis of a suitable size has been in existence for thousands of years. The cave drawings of the enormous phalluses of the Gods and the kings depict the obsession with the past.

Look into the past- Obsession with penis size

Many cultures across the globe have incorporations of big penis monuments, temples and statues. For example- the Ancient Greek Gods resembled large penises. Also, the Roman God of fertility (Priapus) was depicted with a penis which is endless, with ared tape.Dihythia, the Senegal's king is shown in a similar manner. He is naked, sitting on his throne, with many females kneeling in front of him to get a touch of the penis.

The past accounts of penis enlargement were of about 2000 years ago. Some African tribes and the Egyptian Pharaohs used weights on their penis to increase the penis size. For increasing the length and girth of the penis, the Arab men used ‘jelquing' or milking. In this technique, the penis membrane is wrapped between the index finger and the thumb, and then it is stretched away from the body. This helps the penis tissues to stretch, enlarging the penis size over time.

Penis Enlargement- working

The penis enlargement techniques which are natural and which lead to a natural penis enlargement are the safest. They help maintain a better level of sexual hygiene. Also they do not cause any serious side effects. Some of these safe methods are- use of penis enlargement pills, penis extenders and pumps. Easy exercises such as stretching or jelquing can also be done.

The extenders stretch the penis tissues through traction. The penile pumps make use of vacuum to increase the length of the penis. Enlargement Pills, along with the above two, increase the blood flow into the penis. This ultimately enhances the penis size and leads to a better erection.

Although these natural methods are quite safe, they are time consuming. A person needs to be patient with these techniques, as these methods are quite effective to increase the penis size considerably.

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