How To Use A Vacuum Pump Device For Penis

It normally happens that you get scared by looking at the vacuum pump device or even if you purchase this device, you are not sure as to how to use this simple device. Just by following the below mentioned steps you can derive out maximum benefit which you can see over a couple of weeks if followed properly.

  • Apply lubricant properly on the rim as well as the inner side of the cylinder. Also apply some lubricant on your penis so as to allow free movement of the cylinder on the penis.
  • Now once you have applied the lubricant the next step should be to clean your hand so that the greasiness of the hands because of lubricant can be removed. Removing the greasiness would help in creating a good grasping of the device.
  • Now with dry hands it's time to place your penis inside the cylinder. In order to adjust the cylinder properly on the penis, pull down the testes a little bit towards the lower side. This would help create buffer space for the cylinder to adjust. In order to make a good grip of the cylinder, adjust it with the erect penis having a bone like feeling. Rotate it a little to fit in it properly. If you do in this way, then you will surely derive out the maximum benefit as a firm seal will be formed.
  • Once you are sure that the cylinder has fit in properly, the next step is to pump. You should not have too high pressure (can harm your penis) or too less pressure (non-compliant use of the device). In order to have high pleasure, you may keep on increasing the pressure but you should keep in mind that having high pressure can cause haemorrhages and blisters on the skin.
  • The next step which an individual should do besides from controlling himself to stop from blowing up inside the tube is to make a mark on the cylinder. This mark signifies the level to which the penis had reached. This helps in calculating the percentage improvement over the weeks as one keeps on using this device properly.
  • Initially a person should not use too much pressure and should quit at the right time. Gradually an increase in the pressure can be made. Also make sure that after you remove your cylinder you again apply a lubricant on the penis and give a little massage so as to relieve any pain left due to the pressure in the pump. This also helps in maintaining the right blood flow and exchange in the penis. Also the massage helps in keeping the penis skin free from blisters, haemorrhages etc. The redness which normally occurs, gets removed with the help of the lubricant
  • Followed by the massage make use of hot cloth. The warmth generated further facilitates the penis muscles and relaxes it. Also any contamination if occurred with the cylinder gets removed with the help of warm cloth

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