Modern Male Enhancement Techniques

Modern Male Enhancement Techniques<

There are a host of male enhancement techniques devised for the modern man of today. It is said the average penile length of men are around six and half inches. When more than half of all women fake their orgasms penis enlargement seems essential.

Male enhancement techniques can be in the form of supplements and exercises. A warm up and appropriate lubrication materials can be used with penile exercises. The lubrication material could be oil with herbal erogenous ingredients.

Stretching Exercises

Some male enhancement techniques involve holding back the ejaculation. The ejaculation is to be held back at least three to four times. This is said to accelerate the metabolic activity of testosterone.

They also involve massaging the penile shaft, base and footing. The sexual appendages like groin, scrotum and pubis have increased blood flow from regular massages.

The regular practice of male enhancement techniques are said to expand the spongy tissue of the penis. The Corpora Cavernosa of the penis expands and holds more blood. This results in stronger erections and bigger penis.

Male enhancement techniques like circular stretching and sit down stretches are practiced. The circular stretch exercise involves stretching the head of the penis directly outwards. It is then held firmly and pulled ahead for about five to six seconds.

The penis is then turned in anticlockwise direction till the beginning point. This male enhancement technique is repeated twenty to thirty times in all steps.

The sit down stretch exercise involves massaging and sitting against a table until mild stretching is experienced. Regular sleep patterns, a healthy diet and everyday exercise regime help to maintain a rich sexual desire.

PC Muscle Training

Penis lifting, pulsing urination and PC muscle clenching are all male enhancement techniques. Penis lifting works on the pubococcygeus muscle. Following a serial protocol of steps practices it.

The initial step is to achieve erection by manual stimulation. The individual further must sit with a straight back and lift his penis. Lifting the penis with PC muscle for three to five seconds followed by rest completes one repetition.

About fifty -hundred repetitions can be done daily and further increased to five hundred repetitions a day. This abdominally builds up a very strong pubococcygeus muscle.

Pulsing urination can be achieved while micturition. The flow of urine is to be restrained midway three to four times a day while passing urine. PC muscle methods can be combined with penis enlargement exercises for optimum results.

The initial warm up and final warm down sessions are necessary. PC muscle clenching is done by clenching the penis with hand and holding out for three to five seconds. The above process is to be repeated at least five times with frequent breaks.

Excessive clenching may damage the pubococcygeus muscle and has to be carefully practiced. It is said about ninety five percent of men cant ejaculate farther than six inches. Men frequently can't have sex without ejaculating within three minutes.

Male enhancement techniques can improve penile function and induce penis growth. All of them have efficient success rates and definitely induce stronger erections. 

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