Mutual Protection Goal And Shared Responsibility Of Carrying A Condom

The thought of negotiating about the use of contraception with a new partner can seem awkward. Discussing contraception in the heat of that blissful moment is impossible. Negotiation about sex with a new partner for the first time is always a taboo.

Issues like who will start undressing are taken care of using eye contact, body language and different non-verbal communication hints. These sneaky tools adequately answer most questions that arise in those initial sexually bliss moments, but contraception issue is not one of them.

The person feels that the woman is on contraceptive pill and the girl relies on the male to carry a condom. This dependence can at times create a very regrettable situation. If both fail in taking adequate, contraception precautions then they are left with no choice, but to stay away or have unprotected sex.

A majority of couples will not stay away from sex, but decide to move forward. This will expose them to unwanted pregnancy and unwanted STD's like herpes or HIV.

Oral contraceptives

Females take oral contraceptives once in a day. Pills prevent ovary from releasing the egg every month. Pregnancy only occurs, if the sperm and egg meet. It is safe to take oral contraceptives instead of delivering a baby. However, keep in mind that oral pills do not protect against STD's. Women must use female condoms as a protection against HIV and STDs

Condom protects in many sex acts

Condoms are the only way that protects one from both STD and undesired pregnancy. Male condoms are opted during vaginal, oral and anal sex. Female condoms are perfect during vaginal and anal sex. You can easily convert both the female and male condoms into dental barriers before having oral-vaginal or oral-anal sex.

In this heated encounter – who provides a condom?

Who is responsible to carry a condom?

Some say, men need to carry a condom because they use it while some argue that females are the ones, who get pregnant and hence it is up to women to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy and carry condoms.

Sexually liberated society

Luckily, this is the 21th century and the society is sexually liberated. If people desire to take benefit of this opportunity both – male and female must take the responsibility.

Carrying a condom not just protect one from pregnancy, and STD but also from those bummer nighttime, when you come across a keen and competent partner. Therefore, keep some in the house or carry one in the pocket, purse, etc. Remember, sex must satisfy and protect both of you equally.

In theory, it is a shared goal, so must have shared responsibility to evade the outcome. Buying condoms can be expensive or embarrassing for some. You can get condoms privately or at health locations at free of cost.

Carrying them can make some of them nervous because they think that their partners may consider them immoral. This belief is wrong – carrying condoms means you are prepared and conscious about having protected sex. Therefore, if you have met the first time and ready to have sex, have honest conversation regarding contraception. Both can comfortably move ahead with this healthy decision taken together.

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