To Make French Kiss Really Enjoyable And Pleasurable For Both Of You<

There are no hard and fast rules for French-kissing. Yet, if you have a little idea about few of its aspects, it can be much more pleasurable and fun for both of you.

Keep It Slow Usually but the Variations Too Are Important Sometimes

There are frequent questions from couples to experts regarding different aspects of French-kissing. Among those, two primary aspects of curiosity are speed and timing. Yes, these are the two most discussed things about the kisses, like how fast or slow, and how long or short these need to be.

Well, as far as speed is concerned, French kisses need to be a bit slow and romantic. Now, you might be wondering, as that might seem lack of passion. Ok, to an extent it might be. However, gradually when you both are lost more and more into it, you would like to continue that for as long as possible, the same way. Hence, take your time to explore and enjoy in each other's mouth. Besides, nobody minds some passionate kisses sometimes.

Yet another thing about French kisses that couples are usually curious about is like for how long do they need to continue it. Is there any kind of rule for that? It just depends on your mood and your comfort level. If you both are into having some long fun, you may go for as long as you desire. However, the moment any of the two partners starts getting uncomfortable with it, the other need to stop it.

No doubt, French kisses needs to be slow and for as long as you both are comfortable with it. However, let these not be the hard and fast rules. Keep the variations, to make it more enjoyable and fun. Hence, it is fine to kiss her deeper, holding it for longer, or changing your technique. Mix it up, and add variety.

Your Tongue Can Play A Romantic Role

One of the most significant participants in act of French kissing can be your tongue. Your tongue, being an extremely sensitive organ, can play a very romantic and stimulating role in the act. Hence, while you are into open-mouth kissing, it is acceptable to gently push your tongue inside her mouth a bit. Let it explore her mouth. Touch her teeth and push her tongue too, gently with yours. However, you need not keep your tongue too firm, as it can be a turn-off for her. Yet, if she is more into passionate and “violent” fun, and responds well to your hard tongue, you may use it that way.

Reading Your Partner's Body Language Makes You A Good Kisser

Now, that is something of great significance in French-kissing. You need to pay attention to your partner's body language, as which technique of yours she likes more, and how comfortable she is with it. Besides, her body language would also reveal you about the perfect speed and timing about your kisses. Read it well, to know her reactions and responses, while you both are enjoying your kisses and cannot talk clearly.

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