It's Not The Quantity But The Quantity That Matters In Your Sex Life

No, it isn't restricted to one or two people, rather a majority of individuals consider good sex-life to be one where partners have lots of sex. Even the television and movies boost the idea to entail more and more of sex as a synonym to a great sex life. However, that's far from the truth. It's the quality, and not the quantity that matters in your sex life. Hence, if in case you too have always believed in quantity, here are a few significant ideas that you need to know.

Stop Worrying About The Frequency

Guys can't help it, and they have always been and probably will be considering higher frequency of having sex as the only criterion to a great sex life. It's also not completely deniable that they take it as something that represents their masculinity quotient. However, they need to change this attitude towards sex.

You need not worry about how often you both end up doing things in the bedroom. Rather, you need to understand that what matters is when you do have sex with her, both of you must have the required physical and emotional energy. You guys need to have enough time and dedication to furnish each other with love, cuddles, hugs, kisses, sufficient foreplay, and a passionate love making session. Hence, it's not about how many times you do it, but more significantly about how you do it every time.

So How Much Sex Is Too Much Sex

Now, a very obvious question might pop up in your mind as what is the benchmark for the number of times you need to have sex then. Is it once or twice a week, a month, or even less than that? No, there is nothing as such, and it completely depends on you both. As long as you are energetic and willing enough to get dirty with each other with the complete involvement on body and mind, it doesn't matter as whether the number of times are too much or too less.

Hence, even daily sex can contribute to a great sex life for some couples, while for the rest even once or twice a week, is fine.

How To Enhance Its Quality

So, you don't think that you are into too much of sex. You guys usually have the frequency in control, and do it whenever you both are ready for it physically and mentally. However, even then, you might think that what you are having isn't quality sex, and you are missing the charm and excitement in your sex life. How to achieve that?

Well, it's really not that difficult. You may try practicing Tantric sex, where it is much more about the involvement of two souls, who are ready to merge into each other. Of course, the ecstatic physical pleasure and joy follows it. Besides, you guys also need to be open to the idea of experimenting in the bedroom. The more you experiment and try new things in the bedroom, the better it is for your sex life.

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