Few Common Mistakes While French-Kissing

Few Common Mistakes While French-Kissing

While French kisses have always been one of the most common things that couples are into, yet they usually do few mistakes. Needless to mention, you will not be able to enjoy that fun, excitement, and pleasure of French-kissing, if you do not do it the right way. Hence, you need to know about those common mistakes, and probably you would be able to figure out the mistake that you are making.

Bad Breathe

You both were in the perfect mood, and things started well. She got close enough, and you just could not resist it. However, something spoiled it all of a sudden when you drew her face close to yours and tried to French kiss her. Probably, she did not like it, and her expressions well reveal that she found it unpleasant. The problem is you do not have any idea as what went wrong all of a sudden. What did just compel her to face the other side?

You know what, it was due to your bad breathe, the foul air that can be disgusting for anyone who might be even standing near you. Bad breathe can be a great turn off for any girl, and that can be too disgusting while French kissing. Hence, it is always advisable to practice good hygiene, especially oral hygiene. While, brushing your teeth twice a day and paying regular visit to dentists for check-ups are advisable. You also need to carry mouth-fresheners and mints with you anytime. Needless to mention, it is not advisable to have foods like milk, garlic, onions, corn etc. that might leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

No Breathe

Remember, your first time, when you French-kissed her for the very first time in your life? Yes, it was exciting but suffocating too. You were almost falling short of breathe, until the last moment when you finally dragged her away from yourself.

In fact, not only the beginners, but also experienced couples make this common mistake of forgetting to breathe while French kissing. Like any other time of the day, you need to breathe even while doing this. There is nothing odd or awkward in doing that, at least it is not as awkward as pulling her away to grasp some air finally.

Breathe easily, through your nose, and as you, both get comfortable with each other, you can also try breathing through your mouth. In fact, it can be exciting to breathe in a synchronized way, where it seems that you both are sharing your breaths too.

Using The Same Technique With All

Ok, so your ex loved being kissed in a real passionate and aggressive form. That does not mean your girl now, or every other girl whom you French kiss would love it the same way. You cannot just generalize the technique for all.

Keep your technique for French-kissing as different and specific for different girls. Know the way she is comfortable with, by her signals, her body response etc. Go on with the way she likes to be kissed.

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