To Experience The Incredible Sensations And Pleasure Of Tantric Sex

To Experience The Incredible Sensations And Pleasure Of Tantric Sex

Quite a far cry for the Western people, the term ‘tantric sex' refers to an incredible way of connecting to your lover, a ‘Sacred Sex'. In countries like India, couples are more into this form of experiencing the pleasure of making love. Both the partners aren't merely concerned for physical contentment, rather they are revered as a ‘Beloved', and they need to be valued, nurtured, respected, and cared for.

It isn't merely about rushing to the climax. Tantric sex is focused more on awakening each other's sexual energy, channeling it throughout the bodies, and experiencing the blissful pleasure with complete reunion of two bodies and soul.

You both are open with your mind and spirit, to deepen your soul, and ready to merge into each other. Indeed, this form of love-making has always been considered as one of the most contenting and emotional one. Hence, there are a few ideas that will let you experience the incredible sensations and pleasure of Tantric sex.

Preparing Yourselves

It significantly is concerned about your personal hygiene that needs to be up to par. It includes each and everything that you need to ensure to look, smell, and ‘taste' well. It's not only about brushing your teeth well, and smelling appealing.

Rather, you also need to ensure that you smell fresh with the use of proper cologne, mouth-fresheners, being well trimmed, and groomed all around your body. You may prefer taking a shower together, with soap or wash gel of sensual aroma.

Making The Environment Soothing And Sensual

For Tantric sex, the environment needs to be soothing, calm, relaxing, and sensual. You may play a soft, soothing, and romantic music to create the environment. Besides, the atmosphere needs to appear visually stunning, with sufficient use of color flowers and rose petals to decorate the space.

Ensure that the covers and bed sheets are clean and soft, preferably of white or red color. Placing few meaningful objects around the bed, which can symbolize peace, calm, and loving space can be really great.

Above all, the room needs to be well blossomed with some sensual scents or room-fresheners. You may prefer lighting some candles, for the only sufficient light that you need. You needn't switch on the bulbs, and prefer keeping a dim light. It's good if the candles are fragranced ones.

Creating That Emotional And Intimate Connection

Before getting engaged in any form of Tantric sex act, like a sensual body-massage, you need to ensure that there is established a proper emotional and intimate connection between both of you. Take your time to honor each other, relax, develop skills, and most significantly to focus on each other's mind and spirit.

There are ways to feel more connected, like by taking deep breath and then placing your hands on each other's heart. Feel the energy and love from your heart that will reach the other partners heart.

Close your eyes, and try to visualize and experience that. Remember, the more you are into each other, and the more connected you are, the more pleasurable and contenting it would be.

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