Orgasms Are A Part Of Sex And Not The Main Objective<

Many of you people do sex for getting orgasms, which is also a must. Focusing only on orgasm, during sex activities can affect your personal relationships drastically. Sex should not be only physical, as it needs mental and emotional connection. Otherwise the experience is just mechanical, where both of you are just concerned on satisfying your sexual urges.

Importance of Orgasms during Sex

Yes, it is important that you satisfy your partner in each and every way possible. You need to take it slow and easy. Your main aim is to make your partner ready for sex, rather than finishing off the job as quickly as possible. You can begin by hugging, kissing, or touching each other. Seduce your partner and keep her wanting for more.

Sex without touch and foreplay can become boring, after sometime both of you will find excuses to avoid doing the deed. Secondly when couples are more focused on just orgasms, it can lead to a lot of sexual as well as psychological issues for both.

Men might experience premature ejaculation, which might be quite embarrassing. Some might even experience performance anxiety, where they might become nervous or excited, resulting in a complete mess up of what was supposed to be a pleasurable experience.

Working Towards Making Sex a Pleasurable Activity

If you feel that your sexual relationship with your partner is taking a downward path, then you might have a problem in your hands. Begin by understanding your partner's needs and try to put them first before your own. Woo her with sensuous massages or foreplays and come up with creative ways to bring back the magic back in your sexual intimacy.

Learn about different pressure points or zones that can trigger your sexual responses. Oral sex is a great way to understand each other's body. You can even make use of different sex toys such as vibrators, or use velvet ribbons, chocolate, feathers or even try blindfolding each other to enhance your sexual experience.

If both of you are adventurous and love to try out new positions and stuff related to sex then role play is the better option. If you run out of ideas, then porn movies are the best option to learn about more about them. Many of the stores even sell different costumes and attires along with accessories, for role play at reasonable rates.

Communication is the Key to Healthy Sexual Relationships

Couples who talk about their needs and desires with their partners tend to be happy and stress free. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about sharing your sexual fantasies. In fact, it will help in strengthening the bond in your relationship and build up more on the love and trust.

Sex should be more about connecting physically, emotionally and spiritually with your partner. Bear in mind, a good partner will always try to make sex last for a longer time, than just have it for the sake of it. Try out these simple things and see the change in your sex life.

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