Woo Your Women With Your Home

Woo Your Women With Your Home

Women love homes that are clean and tidy. Rarely might you come across women who would not frown at a room where clothes are strewn everywhere and it is even difficult to find your socks. Men on the other are not much of a cleanliness freak. If you plan on bringing your girl home for the first time, then you might need to make some changes to your home, so that she is impressed by it.

Changing the Interiors of your Home

No matter what the size of your flat or home might be, when it comes to wooing your women, you might need to make some amendments to your house. If you have any female friends who are into interior decorations, then you might need to take their advice on making your home a perfect place for your girl.

Ensure to clean up your room and stack things in their original places. Paint your apartment with subtle colors that are neither too bright and neither too dark. Pastel colors might be an ideal choice. If you do not want the hassle of painting, then you can even purchase colorful wallpapers and stick them to your walls.

If you're living bedroom carpet is worn out or old, replace them with new ones. Be prepared in advance. You will not achieve anything in the last moment. Prepare a checklist of the things that you might need and contact the necessary people to get it done.

Bedroom Is Where the Real Action Takes Place

Now, your girl will be really inquisitive to know how your bedroom looks like. Imagine she visits your place and enters your bedroom to find smelly clothes lying about, bed sheets crumpled and pillows lying astray. The good impression that she might have had about you, might vanish within seconds. No way will she be willing to enter into that bed and have sex with you.

If you really want to woo her to your bed, you might need to make a few changes here too. Purchase a big bed that is big enough to roll across. If you are on a strict budget, you can easily purchase a second hand one. Secondly bear in mind to purchase new or fresh linens and pillowcases. You can even add a rug to the floor.

Lighting too plays a very important role to set the mood. Invest in a bed lamp that has dim lighting. It will be a bonus for you, especially if you and your partner are the adventurous types and would prefer to indulge in role plays.

Posters Are a Big No

Your girl will definitely not be pleased to have sex with you when a big gigantic poster of your favourite actresses is staring back at her. Remove these posters and replace them with some graphic prints or sceneries.

You might even want to add a picture of both of you on your bedside table. She will not only be flattered but she will love you more for that thoughtful gesture. Similarly ensure that your CD's are neatly stacked and labelled especially if you want to set a romantic music to seduce her to your bed.

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