Pleasure Your Partner With Bondage Sex Toys

Many couples might shy away from kinky sex, but in reality this can be a very pleasurable activity. The first thing that comes to our minds, when we think about BDSM is whips, gags, chains, ropes and blindfolds. The picture looks scary but it can be lightened up by making use of simple sex toys that will be discussed in this article.

Rules to be Set While Indulging in Bondage Sex

If you and your partner want to test your wilder side in regard to sex, then you might need to set some ground rules initially. First and foremost you might need to sit down with your partner and talk about what type of toys you might want to choose for the act.

Begin by making a checklist of the things that you might need. Discuss on how you want to position yourself during bondage. For instance whether you want only your arms tied or whether you are comfortable with sex toys to be used on your erotic zones.

Similarly you might even want to talk on the things that you are uncomfortable with. Many people do not like the idea of their partners leaving the room when they are tied to the bed. Choose sex toys that both of you are comfortable with.

Popular Bondage Sex Toys

If you and your partner are trying out bondage sex for the first time then you might basically have no clue which sex toys will be the best for you. Silk blindfolds are the best place to begin with your quest for sex toys. Blindfolds are the best toys that can be used for foreplays. You can blindfold your partner and make use of ice or feathers to tickle your partner.

Since your partner is blindfolded, they will have no clue on what to expect. You can move the ice over their erotic zones and have them withering with pleasure. Another popular sex toys is the cuffs. Many of the online stores sell soft cuffs that do not damage the wrists. You can tie your partner to the bed and have your wicked way on her.

If you want to introduce a bit of pain to the sex, you can even think of purchasing whips. Bear in mind to discuss this with your partner since many of them might not like the idea of getting spanked by their partners. Another alternative would be to purchase sex toys such as vibrators to achieve orgasms. Many of the online stores even offer bondage sex toys kits that come with different variety of sex toys at affordable rates.

Candle Wax for Bondage Sex

You might have seen or heard that using wax during sexual activities can be highly erotic. This again depends on one individual to the other. If you plan on introducing this during sex, then you might need to be extremely careful on dripping the wax.

Avoid area in and around the face and genitals. If you partner is uncomfortable remove the restraints and stop the activity. It is always better to heed precautions, while handing such toys. If not hot wax, you can make use of fruits or flavoured creams to heighten the sexual pleassures.

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