Kegel Exercises Can Stop Premature Ejaculations In Men

Kegel Exercises Can Stop Premature Ejaculations In Men

When we think about kegel exercises, we often associate this with women. Kegel exercises are not only for women, but they are even becoming a big success amongst men too. There are a lot of benefits that men can derive out of this exercise which will be explained in this article.

What Can Kegel Do for Men

Kegeling can make a lot of difference in sexual relationships. Men facing issues with premature ejaculations can take up these exercises so that they can have complete control over the ejaculations. In addition to this, kegeling also helps to correct erectile dysfunction issues.

Many men shy away from sex with their partners due to small penis size. This too can be rectified to by combing kegeling with other penis enlargement exercises. When you practice kegeling, it also helps to enhance the flow or blood to the penile region, leading to harder and stronger erections in men.

Women like men who are able to bring them to multiple orgasms. This is where kegeling can help to fulfil your partner's fantasy. If you and your partner are looking at starting a family in the near future, this exercise can also help to increase the shooting distance of your ejaculation fluids, thereby increasing the chances of the sperm to penetrate the egg.

Locating the PC Muscle for Kegeling

Kegeling involves the use of your PC muscle. It is very easy to perform kegeling exercise once you know where your PC muscle is located. The next time you urinate, try to stop it in mid flow. The muscle used to stop your urine is the PC muscle.

In order to begin kegeling, you need to contract your PC muscles. Try to hold back the contraction as much as possible. Bear in mind not to pressurize yourself. You might need some time to get used to the exercise. One of the greatest advantages of this exercise is that you do not require any sort of assistance to practice them. These can be practiced anywhere and everywhere.

Different Levels of Kegeling Exercises

Basically kegeling can be performed at different levels. If you are a beginner, you might need to learn to control the PC muscle. This might require you to repeatedly contract and relax your PC muscles for as long as possible.

Once you get used to kegeling, you can slowly work on building the pressure. If you began with holding your PC muscle for 1 – 2 minutes, you can extend the time limit to 3 – 4 minutes. Bear in mind to relax the muscles for a few seconds before you begin again. Practice this twice or thrice a week.

In the advanced stage, you can begin by trying out 50 kegels every day for a month. By this time, your PC muscle might have become stronger and will be able to take the pressure from your contractions. Regularly indulging in kegeling will help keep the penis fit and healthy.

You can even try out kegeling while lying down, sitting and standing. Mini kegels are a best option, if you have a tight schedule. All you need to do is practice working on your PC muscle with quick and short contractions.

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