Five Vital Factors To Follow In Your Life To Enjoy A Healthy Sexual Life

There are many reasons, why you guys don't enjoy sex always. Intimacy needs both the partners' participation, so that you both can enjoy the act. When you meet a beautiful girl you are very careful about your moves and ensure not to do anything that will upset her.

You guys try so many new things, when you are new in a relationship. With the passing time, you seem to loss the lust and passion that existed between you guys once. When you are too much comfortable with her, you start ignoring her needs and desires. Some of them just don't bother about the bedroom mistakes that they commit, and the worst thing is that they continue committing it again and again.

Both men and women, at one point in time commit some mistakes that cause dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Below mentioned are some of the most common mistakes couples make in their sex life:

Private Activities:

Sometimes one or both the couples are comfortable in doing the private activities in front of their partners. Well, it's one of the grave mistakes that you guys commit. They don't mind doing it, because they are comfortable with each other.

Generally, these kinds of activities look good at the beginning, but at the later stage it might create certain problem. Many couples think that by staying undressed in front of one another might increase the sexual desire. Well it doesn't happen all the time. There are chances that the partner might lose his or her sexual stimulation, as they quite often see you naked.

Draw Proper Line Between your Present and Past Life:

You might not have any problem talking about your ex in front of her, well that's fine. But she might be comfortable with it. You might do it with no intentions, but it might spoil her mood. Like if you are taking her out for a dinner and then you talk about a good time you spent your ex, then what do you expect her reaction to be. It will kill the whole fun of the date.

How do clothes affect sexual feeling on one another?

Girls, you can easily attract your partner by wearing a sexy and revealing outfit. Try this out for yourself and try to approach him wearing a professional suit or jogging suit. It will be hard to stimulate him. On the other hand, he will adore you more when you sear sexy lingerie's, especially at night. In fact you don't have to do much to arouse it at all.

Wide Passion:

Men love women who are widely passionate about sex, and want to do different things on bed. your timid act and behavior will take him away from you. It is a feeling and not a business deal, where you have to take care of the deals. He wants you to actively participate in the act, and suggest him some of the best moves that will please him.

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