Working Out The Best Time For Sex

Working Out The Best Time For Sex

When you are young, you look for the best time to have sex to avoid pregnancy. However, as you grow you learn the drawbacks about unsafe sex and the answer changes. You now look for the best time, when both of you are in a mood to enjoy intimacy.

With busy work load during the week there is seldom mood to do the stuff that is on your mind. If you are married then exchanging your role of a mom to a lover can be difficult. Even before you are aware, the weekend rolls in and you are tired and want to simply rest.

Unhooking from the routine hurricane and enjoying with him now and then is not easy, but you will have to try doing it. You can even work out the best time of the day because the night is not quite comfortable as both of you are sleepy. The fact is that having sex is vital in bonding your relationship. It enhances the emotional and physical intimacy with him. Therefore, it is necessary that you work out the time to get intimate and bring the romance back.

Morning sex is ideal – This is the most rejuvenating way to start your day. Both of you feel energetic and lively. Sexologists say that energy levels rise intensely in the morning than other times. The lovely bliss and feeling shared remains all through the day. There is a feeling of unity sparked an early morning that helps them to deal challenges in a better way. Sex increases blood circulation and enhances your overall health. It leaves a facial glow and shiny hair. Your brain nerves are also alert keeping you active throughout the day. The feel good hormones make the routine chores easy to perform.

Friday nights – Having leisurely sex on Fridays is more relaxing because you do not have to worry about going to work the next day. Lay the ground all day on Friday by allowing erotic thoughts to wander in your head to prep up for the big occasion at night. If you do not feel sexy then you will not be in the mood. Therefore, tap into the sexy side even outside your bedroom. Wear a new lingerie or leopard print thong beneath your sweats. These will remind you that you are a sensual being.

Sundays – He will be busy watching sports with friends. It does not mean you can lure him away for a quickie in the kitchen. Make certain that you complete all your household chores during the weekdays and keep yourself available on weekends. Sometimes, you can also plan a retreat.

Weekend getaway – You can plan a getaway once in a while. You can indulge in a couple of fantasies. Treat this time out to spice up your sexual life and do unusual things. Ever fancied of being tied up or tied him up? You can even try some crazy uniforms that turn him on. You can even ask him about his fantasies. Sharing these secret thoughts will increase your intimacy depth and quality. This special weekend can keep you spiced up for weeks.

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