Why Most Men Usually Lose Their Chances With Women

Ok, so you have always been quite good in approaching women. It's good that you don't get nervous and approach them without any hesitation. Besides, you can also easily make them comfortable with you, and start the conversations in no time. However, have you ever given it a thought as why they seem to get bored of you soon?

Most of the guys, even if they aren't bad at making the approach, they usually commit few common mistakes while trying to impress women.

They Become Too Conscious and Seem Boring

It's primarily because of the fear of losing their chances with women, that men become quite conscious about the way they talk, behave, in-fact about everything. You think that she might find things rude, awkward, or unimpressive in you. Hence, you start taking care of what you speak, how you behave, and also the way you look at her. However, do you know you simply seem to be a boring guy then?

To understand this, when you just hang out with your friends you laugh, have fun, make jokes, and everything seem interesting. Most significantly, you don't behave that reserved, serious, and aren't conscious about things.

However, with any potential date the situation completely changes. To add to that, few guys are mistaken in thinking that women are impressed with such ‘serious' or ‘reserved' kind of attitude. The fact is, by changing your behavior and attitude with them, you only seem too boring a guy to hang out with.

They Start Making Compromises On Their Part

Ok, it's good to be understanding with women, and sometimes you can make little compromises on your part. However, that in no way means that you need to agree to whatever she says and asks you to do. Remember, you need to project your-self as a man with high self-esteem.

Women at times ask for ‘favors', or things of their own interest from men, they know who like them. Besides, a guy, who has been desperate for a girl for long, would never deny doing anything, no matter even if his self-respect doesn't allow him to. He might feel that by denying her anything or by not acting as per her desire, he might appear arrogant or rude or he might hurt her. However, the fact is that by acting this way you would be projecting yourself as a man of low self-esteem, and that is never impressive.

They Try Behaving Like an On-Screen Romantic Boy

All thanks to those movies and television series that have inculcated in your minds that a ‘good', romantic guy, who never stop ‘begging' a girl for love, gets her in the end. However, the reality is too far from what it seem over-there.

Remember, with all such acts and behavior you are only going to embarrass yourself. These aren't going to do anything to invoke her ‘feelings' or love. Retain your dignity and your self-respect. Be confident, and then approach her. Things would go in your favor.

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