What To Do When You Just Want Sex With Her

You may be a busy guy who has very little time for committed relationship, and believe in casual relationship with no responsibility. Men in such a case, are only interested in spending quality time with her, and don't go beyond that. Apart from their sex partner's name, they might not be keen in knowing anything about her.

Well, there's nothing wrong to maintain a sexual relationship, with no commitments. It is completely normal and many guys prefer such an indulgence.

If this is the case with you, you could do one of the things mentioned below-

  • Go on a date, talk with her and let her know that you are interested in sex only and nothing else.
  • Have a date with her, be straightforward, act as if you just want to maintain a sexual relationship

Many of the men find it difficult to express their sexual intentions directly thus they choose the first way to talk their heart out. Here you meet your woman, spend good time with her and then you get to know everything about her. After spending some time with her, you can simply ask her to have sex with you. Even though it seems safe and simple at first, it takes too much time to get to this phase.

Some women readily agree to it, as they also look for the same, while others need some time. Don't worry if she makes you wait for long. Instead of hurrying her up, you might want to wait for her so she also participates in the act happily. It will give her enough time to understand your sexual needs and will give you more confidence. You certainly need a playful partner in bed, who will take care of your desires.

If you don't want to waste your time much, then you can simply choose the second way. You don't have to wait for long when it comes to enjoying sex quickly. Here, in this technique, you need to be very straightforward and frank. Of course you may have to meet a number of women, as not every woman will let you play with her at very first date. Well, it is not as simple as the first one, but it gives you opportunity to look around for an enticing sexual partner.

Respect Your Woman

When you want to have sex with your woman, it just shows. There really is no point in trying to hide it too much, or pretending to show something else. Of course you will be giving her the due respect and letting her make up her mind too. However, you will need to balance the emotions so that she does not find it weird. Sex is important no doubt, but there are other things too. Try to understand her needs and apprehensions, and try to smooth her down with your feelings. Always keep her happy, and she will take care of needs on bed.

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