Prescription Pills Or Penis Enlargement Pills To Treat Erectile Dysfunctions – Confused?

Be it an aging effect, unhealthy lifestyle, or due to any other reason, most men at some point or the other in their life deal with the common erectile dysfunctions issue. To make you clearer on this, erectile dysfunction isn't only about inability to attain erections, but it also includes the inability to retain it for long.

Anyways, the issue is quite common, and so are the solutions that people usually seek for. What are those?

While most men have always preferred the prescribed pills for erectile dysfunctions, recently a few of them have also started using penis enlargement pills for it. Penis enlargement pills for treating erectile dysfunctions, is that the reason behind the surprising expression on your face? Ok, in case you aren't aware of this, enlargement pills have all the ingredients that have been in use since centuries to enhance semen production, boost sex drive, and in other ways to treat the embarrassing erectile dysfunctions.

Hence, it's noteworthy that the natural penis enlargement pills can very effectively deal with the problem of erectile dysfunctions. However, there are both pros and cons to this. Hence, a few points to contrast between the use of prescription pills or enlargement pills (to treat the issue) can be significant in letting you decide which one to prefer.

Safety – The Foremost Concern

No, the effectiveness of prescription pills in quick-fixing the issues, cant' be questioned. It well does that. However, none would deny that there also are unwanted side-effects like nasal congestion, visual impairment, headaches, and in few rare and extreme cases even heart attacks.

Now, as far as the penis enlargement pills are concerned, they have all the natural ingredients (given you purchase a quality one). Hence, these can in no way trouble you with such side-effects. The only issue with those, and that too as rare as one in a hundred, has been found as an increased blood pressure. That also is suppressed in a few days.

Long Lasting Results

They tag the penis enlargement pills as ancient wisdom, while on the hand the prescribed pills are the magic of modern pharmaceuticals.

Anyways, the point is which one of those can furnish you with long lasting results. As a matter of fact, the quick-fixes of these prescription pills aren't that long lasting. It's a temporary effect, and soon you will need more of those pills. On the other hand, with the effective herbs like gingko biloba, damiana, ginseng, etc. the penis enlargement pills work on the root of the issue. Hence, the results of course are long-lasting.

Time Taken To Show The Results

Now, this is the only factor where the prescribed pills for penis enlargement have an upper-hand. As already mentioned, these pills are ‘quick-fixes' to your embarrassing issue. These won't take much time to show you the results. However, the natural penis enlargement pills need some time to show the effective results.

You can't expect these pills to let you get rid of your problem in no time. After-all, it would work on the root cause and so you need to give it some-time.

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